Monday, April 11, 2011

Busy, busy, busy.

Have not had much time to do any work on my projects over the last couple of weeks, I have been way too preoccupied with school. I did, however, get in a slew of material that should allow me to finish the projects I have on hand and start on a couple more. I have a few more barrels laying around for some more rifles I plan to build, and a couple of semiauto pistol caliber smg's.

Last week, I decided I wasn't happy with the trigger housing on the .50 rifle, and since I really wanted the rifle to look better, I found a huge chunk of 5/8" steel plate laying around that would work for housing the chopped up Suomi trigger group I had to use with the striker system on the rifle. I really wanted to build something that looked better than the old setup, and milling out a housing would probably look better than just cutting and welding something out of sheet metal like the old one.

I started out with taking the cutting torch to the plate and roughing out a section I had approximated.

I took the plate after cutting it off and milled the top side flat.

Then, the plate was laid down and milled flat with a fly cutter.

 After both sides were milled flat with the fly cutter, I used the fly cutter to cut arcs in either end of the plate.

 Now, the bottom was milled flat

Now, for the fun part. Milling out the fire control slot. This took a while.

With the shortened Suomi group in it......

Now, about that pistol grip.....Oh, yeah, there's more metal to be milled down.
The finished trigger group, with sear poking out of the top.

Unfortunately, I made this for no reason. I tried to get the striker system working again with the new trigger group, and unfortunately, the striker system just wouldn't work right.
I was tired of screwing with the striker system anyway, so I threw my hands in the air and said to hell with it, right before I called Model 1 Sales and ordered an AR fire control group.
I'll save this trigger assembly for another rifle I plan to build.

So, I've got this fire control group sitting here designed for an AR rifle, all I needed was a block of metal to machine to fit a trigger group in. was good enough to have a sale on 1" thick aluminum plate sections, 11" long and 3.625" wide. That made for a good platform.

Add some Dykem so layout can be done...

After center-punching the holes, holes were drilled to .150 for the hammer and trigger assembly.

Next, the holes for the trigger guard were cut out. I didn't have an endmill large enough, but I do have a nice assortment of hole saws.

 After cutting most of the way through, I flipped the plate over and bored out the other side.

Next, I moved the mill table about an inch to the right and bored out the other end of the trigger guard.

I then milled out the slot for the fire control group to mock up the trigger and hammer. I haven't gotten to mill the rest of the trigger guard out, but that remains to be done tomorrow or the next day.
That's all for now, more in a bit.

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