Monday, May 23, 2011

Bill Holmes .50 BMG rifle update

Over the weekend, I worked a bit on the buttstock section of the .50 BMG rifle. I wanted something simple and lightweight but decent looking. I had a plate of 1" thick, 11" long aluminum stock lying around, and it worked out that it fit perfect from the end of the fire control group housing to the end of the receiver. Seriously, it was within 1/64 of an inch from the end of the receiver as it came from Speedy Metals. I'd like to say I planned this, but when I mounted the fire control group housing on the new receiver, I had no idea I'd be building a buttstock like this.

Anyway, I took the plate and cut a radius on the top edge with the same tool bit I made for cutting the radius in the top of the fire control group. I then clamped the plate in place and used a marker to outline how I wanted to trim the plate.

Here the plate is trimmed and clamped in place on the receiver.

Now, I needed something to mount a stock cushion to. I had purchased one off of Ebay recently that fit the large tube pretty well, so I started to make a mount.
I started by drilling a hole in a piece of scrap aluminum plate I had, and ran a bolt through it and tightened the bolt down so it could be mounted in the lathe chuck.
I mounted it in the lathe because I wanted a 2" round section that would fit in the receiver.
This piece involved a lot of trimming.

After I was done on the lathe, I milled the profile of the butt pad and milled the area below the machined area that fit in the receiver.

Here's the whole thing clamped together on my very messy workbench.

I had to get some dental work done today, so I haven't made any progress on the rifle today. Hopefully between tomorrow and Wednesday I can get a bunch more done.

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