Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hi Point Drum magazine *update*

I hit my first snag. In trying to test a full 72 round feed, I found the spring did not have enough pressure to feed without having to slap the drum occasionally. I've found part of the problem, there is a lot of dirt and crap inside the drum, so I need to disassemble and clean it. I also need to re-tension the main spring. No big deal, but something to remember down the road.
With all that said, it fed just fine once I had about 20 rounds out of it, so even without much work, it is already a 50 rounder. Some tuning and tweaking, and I should get all 72 rounds out of it, no problem.

EDIT: I fed  WWB FMJ  and my cast lead reloads I buy from Wideners.com through it. It eats the reloads all day long, and loads them even better than it does the WWB FMJ ammo.


  1. Sounds like a minor fix. As for the ammo selection, I recall reading something about Hi Point recommending against the use of WWB in their guns. I believe the reason given was inconsistent overall length in the cartridges. I did buy some CCI blazer that had noticable setback in a couple brand new cartridges, but I'll admit I hadn't seen it with WWB.

  2. I had not heard that. I've not had any issues with WWB before, but then again, I mix all my factory FMJ in the same ammo can. Perhaps the few jams I have had from the carbine have been WWB and all the good rounds have been S&B or Remington?
    I have also fired numerous reloads, both copper FMJ and cast lead out of this rifle before with no issues. However, that seems to have changed, as I will outline in my latest update.