Thursday, July 21, 2011

The internet. It angers me sometimes.

Well, I must admit that I am no internet pro, but I hate having to go through a bit of BS just to join a message board.
I've been trying to set up my account over at the Bryco forums to discuss my latest project. Apparently there is already a thread started in honor of the project, but I can't respond or anything, despite registering for the forum.

It might be that I saw this video earlier, and I'm still a little angry at how that whole scene went down.. Thanks to Lawdog for sharing the video


  1. I posted about your trouble over there so that the guys managing the SNS board can fix whatever forum problem you're having.

  2. Thanks Dave_H.
    I registered (which was a PITA, btw, as it wouldn't allow my gmail address to go through, so I had to get an email set up with my cable company), and I got an email back saying my registration would have to be approved by a mod or administrator or whatever.
    I was starting to think they weren't interested in new members. =)

  3. I can't fix it myself, but have raised the issue with the admin. Good luck with this project, as it's long been needed!


  4. Farmkid,

    Thanks for the help and well-wishing. I got notification earlier today that my account there was active.:)
    Patience is a virtue, but I am apparently lacking in that department. :)