Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Things I love about living in Texas, #128,962

So, I went to drop my truck off with a mechanic today at the place I bought the truck. The owner of the car lot and I sat down and started to talk when he asked me if I wanted to look at a pistol he had just gotten in from another customer in payment towards their car. The owner of this place is a pretty good guy, and is usually willing to work with people on paying for their cars, so it made sense that someone had done some trading with him.
Anyway, he comes back from his back office after a minute with a box in his hands. He reached in the box, and pulls out a Ruger 22/45 in excellent condition. He handed the pistol over to me and asked what it was worth, since he knows I am a collector and do a lot of dealing in random firearms. I gave him my opinion of the handgun's value and handed it back to him. He looked at me and said, "I've got no use for it, and honestly I couldn't hit a beer can at 15 feet away with it. You want it?"
I responded that, yeah, sure, I'd like it, but I was a bit short on cash at the moment, and it would be another month or two before I could buy it.
His response reminded me that there are still good people in this world, " Go ahead and take it, just pay me what you said it was worth at 'gun show price' whenever you get a chance, just try and have me paid back by tax time next year."
Uh, okay. Sure thing, friend.
Texas. Where else could you go in for warranty work on your car or truck and walk out with a new handgun?


  1. The man, whom you almost didn't know trust you so much... sure - it's a sign of great trust.

  2. Hyperprapor,
    Yes. He and I've done business before, but that was still very trusting of him.

  3. Keads,

    Yup! I was pretty happy about it.
    Thanks for stopping by, come back any time!

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