Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Still plugging along...

I'm still recuperating from the holidays and haven't had much chance to blog, so I thought I'd update those of you following me and my work.
I'm still working on the Hi Point drum assembly. The magazines I made a few weeks back didn't work too well, they were so thick that the 9mm cartridges didn't travel in the mag freely, so the whole thing would bind up and didn't feed as good as I'd hoped. I think I will make a different mag tower out of 18 gauge material so the rounds will travel a bit smoother due to increased clearance. I will also forgo pressing the radius in the front of the mag, instead I'll just square off the front of the mag like most conventional magazines. This will require filing the inside of the pistol grip on the stock, but truthfully will be much easier to build and shouldn't have a negative effect on bullet feeding.
I had a few other formed magazines made and on hand, but they apparently grew legs and walked away. I'm not happy about someone stealing an otherwise useless part, I can't see why they would. However, the parts are gone and I suppose I'll just replace them and move on.

Anyway, life is still a balancing act some days here, and although things are better than they were, it's still slow moving. I'll update again soon once I build new magazines and try them on the drum. I can't believe that MKS can build their mags so cheap and chintzy but they work so well. I've had a heck of a time replicating them, that's for sure.
More as I get to it.

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