Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dallas Blog shoot

Dallas blog shoot, a recap:

I left my house at about 0740 on Saturday morning to go pick up Scribbler at his apartment in the north Dallas area. He had left a request on Borepatch's blog asking if anyone could pick him up for the get-together, and got in contact with him to get it set up. Never met the guy before, now I'm glad I got to meet him, among several others. Anyways, we hit the highway headed to southern Dallas county to meet up with the other bloggers at the intersection of I-45 and Belt Line road at the Texaco (aka Gunny Hot Spot). We got there early, and as it turns out, SoutherBelle and her husband kx59 were already there waiting. We weren't there long before Bob S. of 3 Boxes of B.S. showed up. Handshakes and greets all around, we waited on everyone else to arrive before heading off to the s00per sekrit shootin' spot. Shortly after Bob's arrival, several others arrived, including U.S. Citizen (who had the coolest stuff with him) and Kevin in the same car. How they got all that gunny goodness in that little hatchback, I'll never know. Pat, Nick the Blogless, and a few others arrived, and we headed to the range.

After arrival at the range, U.S. Citizen outlined the rules for shooting, everyone got their weapons out on display on a variety of different tables, and everyone started meandering around looking at different guns that everyone brought.
I hadn't shot the .50 in a bit, so I wanted to make sure it was 100% before letting anyone else shoot it. I loaded up a round, called for a hot range, and made sure everyone had their ears on. To my surprise, many people were already shooting, so I shrugged and touched one off.


  I stepped back and noticed a lot of people had been watching me, or they stopped shooting after the big gun went off. There were gales of laughter as I caught my breath and remembered that shooting a .50 is, well, loud. The pressure wave is awe inspiring.
I immediately was asked by others if they could shoot whatever the hell that was that made that noise. I attempted to pull the bolt to the rear, and found that I had hardened the bolt handle separately from everything else (it was machined from O-1 drill rod, whereas the rest of the gun was made from 4140 and 4130) and had made it a bit too hard. It snapped off at the threads.
Insert one (1) redneck with one (1) Leatherman multitool, and then procure one (1) 6" long bolt from bed of redneck's truck, use spare bolt as needed to reciprocate bolt carrier to taste.
A few other bloggers shot it (Borepatch had one of the best reactions of all! Welcome to Texas, buddy!) before the allen head bolts securing the bolt head to the carrier decided to shear off. I let the gun sit for a bit, while I went around and looked at what everyone else was shooting. All I can say is DAMN, there was a LOT of cool stuff there. I shot a SBR Thompson, a SBR Vector Kriss, a M1a, and some of my own stuff.
I finally decided to try and rescue my .50 from boredom, and disassembled the rifle. The sheared allen head screws were difficult to remove, but I got it done, nonetheless. I pulled a allen head screw from the stock assembly, and reassembled the bolt. Back to business, as Southern Belle finally got her wish and got to touch one off. I neglected to get video of her as well as Bob trying it out, but suffice to say that the smiles on everyone's faces (even people who didn't shoot it) were as big as Texas. I built that rifle for two reasons: To piss off the anti's, and make the gunny's happy. It seems to do okay on that front. After a couple more rounds, I shot it one last time before the same allen head screw sheared. I figured the .50 was best off taking a break after that, and put it in the truck. There was tons of other cool guns there, and I didn't want to miss out!
There was a awesome crank-fired 1919 Browning A4 there in .308, a bunch of AR's (including Pat's lefty AR that gave me a nice brass rainbow shower from time to time), several shotguns, the two nicest FAL's I've seen, belonging to Rabbit and Nick the Blogless (who I'm to understand built his from a parts kit. Way to go, gunny!), a sweet little suppressed Buckmark belonging to Pat, a slew of revolvers and semiauto handguns, even a unfired-in-the-case-transferrable-full-auto-M1-Thompson-that-I-still-have-dreams-about belonging to U.S. Citizen. (Seriously, U.S. Citizen is one great guy, and has the nicest toys, and even let us coonfinger and shoot most of them, not to mention he brought 4473's in case anyone wanted to buy some of what he brought. Did I mention he even had a special 10% off coupon for the occasion? Yeah, great guy!)
I donated some AR mags to the Northeastern Gun Blogger Relief Fund, took some pics, shot an insanely cool Tokarev rifle owned by the very gracious Southern Belle, and just relaxed. I'm glad I did, by the end of the day my arm was tired from banging around the .50 and I was sunburned as heck.

There's a ton of other stuff I'm leaving out, I'm sure. For those of you who I haven't mentioned here, please feel free to leave me a comment with links to your blog so I can blogroll you.

It was an absolute success, and I can't wait to do it again.
BTW, Borepatch? You rock!

Here's a video I threw together that covers most of the day that I saw. I'm sure others will have more to add.
This post will be edited eventually to include any more footage that gets sent my way.

Links to other blogger's roundups soon to follow.


  1. Thanks for putting together the video. It is great!

    Keeping the smile on my face another day or two.

    Once again I would like to thank you for the opportunity to shot your .50 cal.

    That was a hoot.

    1. You're welcome, Bob.
      I wish I had gotten video of you shooting it! I had forgotten that you shot it, since so many people wanted to try it.
      We will have to do this again sometime.

  2. Just wow. Wish I wasn't 1600 miles away. :(


    1. Yeah, it would have been nice to meet you!
      But that would have been a heck of a drive. Maybe the next time I visit my sister in Seattle I might drop in on you.

    2. You have a sister in Seattle? Then it's a must-do -- my brother knows of a good range up in that area, and he and a couple of BJJF guys might come along.


    3. Sounds like a winner to me. It might be a few months before I head up to see her but I'd love to get together with you and some of the guys from the boards.

    4. So it's on. Just give me some advance notice, 'cause I have to organize a trip to see my out-of-state parents, and we'll have to avoid conflicts.

      But on another front, we (as in all of us online non-Dallas readers) are still waiting to see the spikes you machined and what beast they may enhance. Pics ASAP please!


    5. Heh. I forgot all about the spikes.
      They were nuts on the bipod legs of the .50, didn't want to let the cat out of the bag that the .50 was going to make an appearance at the blogshoot.
      I'll post up some pics shortly of how it turned out.

  3. Wow, great video that you put together! It was a wonderful day and we're ready for the next one! Thanks again for letting fire the .50 it was an awesome experience and 2 days later...I'm still grinning about it!

    1. Belle, thanks for shooting it!
      If I didn't have people to share it with, it wouldn't be half as fun to own. It's nice to take pride in something I built, but it makes me feel even better when I know it brought happiness to so many people.
      I'll never forget the smiles on everyone's faces, and that made the whole day worthwhile.

      We will definitely have to have another Texas blogger shoot. This was just too much fun to ignore.

      Who knows, maybe next time I'll have some even cooler stuff to try out?

  4. Still catching up. Man I missed a lot. I totally screwed the pooch on videoing Belle shooting the .50. Next time she tells you, nah, hubbie's filming it, video it anyway. I apparently need the backup.
    Next blogshoot, I'm shooting a lot of video. (once I learn how to fricking push the record button) That was really cool TRE.

    1. No sir, next blog shoot YOU are going to shoot the .50 =)

      I wish the video of her shooting it had come out, I really wanted to see that. I enjoyed seeing the smiles from all the first-timers more than I enjoy shooting it myself.
      Either way, next time we get together, I will certainly film your Belle getting some .50 time. Hopefully by then I'll have a useful scope on it.