Sunday, June 10, 2012

Still tinkering.

I'm still here. I've been swamped with Suomi stuff, and I'm still building parts, but thankfully I've gotten no new parts in this week. It's been great meeting so many new people, (and making money), but I can only accept so many orders, and I hate to give exact dates on project completions, so I'm going to officially say that as of right now, I'm not taking in any new parts orders on Suomi stuff. I want to get the parts out that have been ordered as quick as possible, but without rushing the work on them, and I can't concentrate on those parts if I'm having to accept more and more parts kits and money in the mail.
If you are thinking about having me toss you together an 80% builders kit, the time has come and gone for the moment. I'll be glad to put your name on a list if you still feel like emailing and asking or getting in line, but I'm not going to accept any more bolts, trunnions, 80% receiver requests, fire control groups, etc. until I'm caught up, and that will be about two months from now.
With that said, I've dedicated a little time to the Hi Point drum project again, and I'm currently trying to build a new press brake die for the mag so that I can build the magazines faster. I figure even if I don't get the drum working this time, I'll still be able to press out some magazines for the carbine, instead of spending 20 bucks at the local gun shop for some. Hopefully I'll get this wrapped up soon, too. I took my carbine to the range the other day with several people who have never shot one, and they all said the same thing, "I'd love to have one, it shoots great and is fun to shoot, but those 10 round magazines suck.". This has got to be fixed, and soon.

Anyway, life goes on.
Back to the garage.......



  1. Redneck!! Just a shoutout my friend. Doing Ok. Well, right up until some buffoon smacked me in the snotlocker with a 2x4. Ok, it was me but you gotta promise not to tell anyone.

  2. Six,
    Gotta look out for errant 2x4s on the job site. They'll sneak up on you and lay you out if you aren't careful.

  3. I have to admit that I am SO looking forward to the fruit of these labors. And if you're tinkering with some non-Suomi larger-cap mags, that's good too, as I wonder how heavy a loaded Suomi will be (though I have two on hand for this project). Good luck, and soldier on!


    1. I'm working on it, bit by bit. I've had much better luck with bench tests so far with the assembly tacked together. I've got a Suomi drum I milled the feed lips off of that I am about to weld the full mag to. I'm going to try that first to make sure my angle mag solution clears up the problem.
      Keep an eye here, as I always say. I'm getting there.....

  4. I cannot wait for you to get this working smoothly.

    1. Me and you both.
      I keep telling myself to get motivated about it again and get working on it, but it seems something else always comes up.
      I'll get it done one of these days, I'm sure.