Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dallas Area Blogshoot II, updated

Well, it looks like we have set some things in stone for the DAB II.
It looks like Bob S. will be hosting dinner at Campo Verde over in Arlington on the evening of the 15th of September. The exact time is still unknown.
I will be hosting the range trip at my gun club south of the metroplex. It looks like we are planning to meet up at the same gas station as before, at the intersection of I-45 and Belt Line, at 0900 on the 16th of September.
There are no range restrictions beyond the usual, no alcohol, no tracers, etc.
If you're interested in attending, but can't make it to the range that early, please get in touch with me so we can arrange to open the gate at the range for you whenever you arrive. You can email me and I'll give you my personal cell number or just tell me what time you can make it.
This looks like it's going to be a great time, both at the restaurant and at the range.
I don't know if we'll have as many guns as we did at DAB I, but I think we'll come close.

I'll have some new stuff for everyone to shoot, some of which is undisclosed.
Come to the DAB II, and sate your curiosity.

FWIW, all attendees will pay for their own meals on Saturday, but there are no fees at the range. Just show up, try to bring some guns and ammo if you can, and have a great time.

This isn't just for us Texans, so if you're from another state and you'll be in the area that weekend, you're all welcome to attend. Just drop me or Bob S. a note on our blogs so we can get a good head count ahead of time.
Family is welcome to attend both the dinner and the shoot. The range is kid friendly and there will be plenty of training firearms there for new shooters young and old.

With that said, back to my normal sporadic blogging......

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