Friday, August 31, 2012


This is the post where I link to someone who is linking back to me after I linked to them.
Bob S. has a reminder post up about the Dallas Area Blogshoot 2.0 here.
If you're going, head on over and let him know.

With that said, I left some of my 30.06 out in the sun, watered it twice a day, and look what happened!

In other news, I'm getting things organized for the blogger get-together.....promises to be a lot of fun.


  1. I don't think I've shot a 30.06 since taking a turn with my dad's deer gun in Montana 30something year so.

    Looking forward to the shoot. Starting my organization and prep for it also. Now where did I put that spare cash...I have an ammo shopping list.

    1. I'm ordering ammo right now, in fact.
      I have a couple of 30.06 rifles I'm bringing to DAB, but that ammo pictured isn't 30.06 =)

  2. If that would work, I'd plant a garden of 30-06!

    Still kinda playing with the idea of building a 50 BMG. Drawings would help (hey, I'm a EE, not an ME). An old barrel would help. The monthly Fun show is in town today, but I've never seen one there.

    1. I got my barrel off of Gunbroker, an old M2/M3 surplus barrel, but don't bother using one of those. Too expensive for what you wind up having to do to it.
      I think GMB and Lothar Walther have the best deal on quality blanks these days.

      Drawings are easy to do. Haven't I given you a copy of the Holmes .50 BMG plans?
      If you don't have the video and want a copy, shoot me an email.
      I didn't follow the original plans very far, I just used the bolt head and barrel extension/barrel retaining parts, and ignored the rest of his plans.

      By the looks of my ammo stash right now, it almost looks like I've been planting a lot of ought-six, among other things.

  3. I bought a box of those exact same rounds.
    They don't look nearly as purty as yours do, though....

  4. What kind of .50 do you have?
    I got a great deal on these from a buddy, 20 bucks a box.

  5. I don't own a .50, and probably never will.
    I just wanted a box of 50BMG rounds for "Show-and-Tell"!

    1. That's unfortunate, they are a lot of fun, if a bit expensive.
      I'm sure you get a heck of a reaction out of the people you show them to.

  6. Yeah, people just look all cross-eyed when I show them!
    I'm not even sure I could own a 50 cal out here in Kaliforniastan.

    1. That is where the .50 DTC comes in.
      It's basically a .50 BMG round, missing about 1/8" of length and a different shoulder.
      Apparently, .50 BMG is banned in Cali since 2004

    2. Interesting. I knew Barrett basically told all Kalifornia LEO agencies to go screw off after that passed.
      I knew about the .416 Barrett, but had never heard of the .510 DTC before.