Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dallas Area Blogger Meet and Range Day

I'm throwing this post out as an update for those interested in the Blogger get-together here in Dallas the weekend of September 15th and 16th.

So far, we have several people listed under the "We'll be there even if I'm bleeding out" category and a few under the "You probably might see me there, maybe" category.

The entire list so far, according to the Bob S. blog and the old post, goes as follows:

Kx59 & Southern Belle, as well as some possible family guests, from

Nick the Blogless (Who doesn't blog but should, because he has a nice FAL and that's enough reason for me.)

Daniels from

TheBigGuy from

Shepherd K and family

Scribbler and possibly some family, from

Aretae from

Spikessib (who has a blog that doesn't want to come up right now)

RabidAlien and family from

Cormac, also known as "the really big guy with the black hat"

Pat St. Jean and Heather from

2A-mama, at

Of course, Bob S. and maybe some family, from

Myself, and possibly my wife,

Anyone else is welcome to join if they like, just let Bob S. or myself know to expect you.

So far, the plan is to hold the blog dinner at campoverde, September 15th from roughly 1900 hours to whenever we feel like leaving (2200 hours?) or whenever they close or kick us out.

2918 W. Pioneer Parkway, Arlington, TX 76013
Telephone # 817-275-7003

I know nothing about the restaurant we will be meeting at, but I know a bit about the range, and I'd like to expound on a few things.

>We will then need to meet up at the Sonic drive in restaurant/gas station parking lot, at the intersection of I45 South and Belt Line road, this is on the west side of the highway, whereas last time we met on the east side of the highway at the Texaco. If heading south on I45, you will exit Belt Line road, then after exiting go straight through the Stop sign, then turn right into the gas station/Sonic parking lot. This will give everyone a chance to use the restroom and buy water or snacks.

We will meet there starting around 0900, and will depart for the range as a caravan (of sorts) by about 1000. The range is only a few exits south of there, and will be on the east side of I45.

The actual address for the range is
1125 Wolf Springs Road Ferris, TX
The range is not actually in the town of Ferris, but a few miles to the north of Ferris.
The range is a full-featured facility, with several pistol bays, a 300 yard rifle bay, and skeet thrower for anyone wanting to shoot trap or skeet. There is only one portable toilet for guest use, there is no guest house or pro shop open on the weekend, so make sure all personal business is attended to beforehand.

Here is a good video of a 3 gun match held there in the tactical bay area (which will be off-limits to guests when a 3 gun match is not ongoing).

As I have mentioned before, there are no limitations on what anyone can bring EXCEPT:
1. Alcohol/drugs
2. Tracer or Incendiary ammunition
3. Drama and/or bad attitudes.

What is allowed:
1. Full metal jacket, hollow point, soft point, cast lead, is all perfectly fine, just nothing we can start fires with.

2. Any and every caliber of ammo, up to and including .50 BMG is fine.

3. Drawing from holsters, rapid fire, etc. is fine, but please, no errant or wild shots, try to stay on target. Remember that you are responsible for every round that leaves your firearm, all 4 rules of firearm safety will be followed at all times. If you want to do a mag dump/move and shoot/bayonet charge, do so judiciously.

4. Rifles may be fired in the pistol bays, BUT ONLY AT PAPER TARGETS, NEVER AT STEEL TARGETS. Pistol caliber carbines and .22's are exempt.

5. Rifles ONLY may be fired on the rifle bay, and you may shoot steel targets on the rifle bays with a centerfire rifle, but ONLY ON THE RIFLE BAY. Pistols may not be fired on the rifle bay.
Please, no uncontrolled fire on the rifle range. Mag dumps are fine, but keep it on target, ok?

6. The club has plastic barrels everywhere, which may be used as rests or tables, but not as targets.

7. Hot range/cold range rules apply. I will go over these at the range.

8. Eyes and ears are necessary. I will have a few extra sets of hearing and eye protection, but please try to bring your own.

9.Steel targets or any other target you feel like tearing up, i.e. Xbox, computers, etc. can be brought along, just be prepared to pick up the pieces and deposit them in a dumpster before leaving.

10. Bump firing/machine guns/Slide-fire stocks are only allowed in one bay. If you want to do/shoot any of the above, please collar me and I'll direct you to the proper area for doing so. No shooting over the berm, please.

(Anyone bringing NFA weapons, please bring a copy of your Form 1 or Form 4, just to keep everything on the level. I just need to verify what you have is legal, I don't want or need any personal information from your trust or NFA forms.)

Please remember that I will personally have to pay for any damages to the range and targets, and I really, really don't favor the idea of losing my range membership. TDSA is a private club, and has been this way for some time due to the family atmosphere of the club and the lack of tolerance for random general public acting like idiots and shooting up the place. I want everyone to have a great time and have fun, but if I feel that any attendees are acting stupidly or breaking what very, very few rules we have, I reserve the right to ask you to leave. I shouldn't have to say this, and with the people I think are attending I really don't think it will be a problem, but I still want all the bases to be covered. If you have any problems, questions, or concerns PLEASE feel free to contact me. We had a blast at DAB I, at Traction Control's secret shootin' spot, and no one did anything out of hand or irresponsible there, so I doubt it will be a problem at TDSA.

TDSA is likely the most permissive gun range in the DFW area, and we all want it to stay that way.
There are no range fees for my guests, but I will put up a donation box for any attendees that feel generous and want to donate to the good folks who keep this range running.

With all that out of the way, here's a list of what I know will be there, shootin' iron wise.

4-6 AR15 rifles
1-2 M1 carbines
several 91-30 Mosin Nagants
4-5 different 9mm carbines
several different long range target rifles, from scoped 1903 Springfields to Remington 700s, etc.
A variety of different shotguns, mainly 12 and 20 gauge
A few Walther P22s
A few Marlin Model 60 22s
A couple Ruger 10-22s
Several XDs or XDMs
A handful of different wheelguns, from .44 mag to .38 special
A very nice Tokarev rifle (as long as Belle holds up her promise to bring Natasha again!)

This ain't all, just a list of some of what I'm bringing and some of what other people have mentioned bringing to the party.
I've got a couple of new toys that might just make an appearance, if things go my way. No word yet what they are, though. :D
There will also be an appearance of a previous crowd favorite, which has been updated and improved. As to what has been improved and changed, I'll leave that for the day of the shoot.

I do plan to bring some steel swingers for the rifle range, and possibly a shoot tree or somesuch for the pistol shooting.

Tannerite MAY NOT be an option, due to the lack of rain out there. I will stay on top of this, but right now it is not likely.

Anyone who cannot make the 0900-1000 meet up, please let me know so I can give you my personal cell phone number. You will need to look up directions (or email me for them, whatever) to the range, and call me when you arrive so I can let you in the gate. Latecomers are welcome, but I will have to go over range rules and directions/locations with you when you arrive.

With that said, please comment here or on Bob's original post if you are interested in coming. You don't have to be a blogger, commenter, or anyone special. You don't need to be a seasoned marksman, rifleman, or pistol shooter, either.  You do need to be familiar with the Four Rules of Firearms, and be willing to learn and have a good time. If you have firearms and ammo that you can bring, feel free to. Otherwise, there will be plenty there.

If anyone wants a good deal on ammo, give these guys a call.
They sell reloads and factory ammo, and have great prices on both.

Now, with all that said.....
Any questions, comments, or concerns?



  1. Still planning on coming, but it's impossible to predict my work schedule, so hope for the best.

    1. I hope you can make it, but work comes first. Can't have any fun if you can't pay the bills.
      Keep us updated.

    2. ok - 99% chance I'll be there now. I'll be bringing the M82A1 and some .50BMG ammo as well as some other fun toys, including a PMR-30.

      What's the maximum range available on the rifle range?

    3. Sounds good Daniels, we will be glad to have you.

      The rifle range is only a meager 300 yards for now.
      M82A1? I'm soooooo looking forward to that.

  2. Pretty sure I can make this, and hubs will be coming with. Will keep you updated!

    1. We will all be glad to meet you and your husband. Just keep us posted.

    2. Update on me and the hubs: Anyway we can be on a standby list of sorts? Unfortunately, hubs has to start chemo again this next week, and there's just no way to know how he'll feel that weekend. :(

    3. 2A Mama,

      Hey, no worries. It ain't mandatory, it's just a way for some of us Texas gun bloggers to get together and become good friends over some guns and good food.
      If you and your husband can't make it, you'll both be missed, but life happens.
      Hopefully y'all can make it to D.A.B. III, right?

    4. Thanks, TRE. I know it isn't mandatory, but I really wanted to attend! Hopefully he'll be through the worst of it the week before this, and will feel up to going. But I'll keep you posted!

    5. 2A Mama,
      Sounds good. Hopefully he'll be feeling up to the dinner and range trip, but if he isn't, it's understandable. If you miss us this time, there's always next time.

  3. Wish I could join you guys (and gals).

    I've been to the DFW area many times, and just love it!

    1. We'd love to have you there, but life gets in the way sometimes.
      We'll do a mag dump in your honor.

  4. I am not a blogger, but would like very much to join the shoot meet and looking forward to try out your infamous .50

    Henry T.

    1. Henry,
      That's perfectly fine. This is just a way for some folks to meet up courtesy of the internet and have a good time and in some cases, put faces with screen names.
      I can't speak for everyone, but I am quite certain you are more than welcome to join the lot of us. Bob S. is the official "organizer", so you might put in a word on his blog that you plan to attend.

      Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you at the Dallas blogger roundup.


  5. Still planning on coming- both to dinner and The Show...

    (The Big Guy @ Listen 2 Uncle Jay -

    1. I'll be glad to get to meet you. Just let me know if there's a problem with getting to the range on time or anything of that order. I figure Bob S is handling the dinner part, and I'm kinda handling the range part.

  6. Hi,
    I can't make it to this and I'm local. Who would I contact about joining TDSA?

    Thank You,
    Tim Covington

    1. Tim,
      That's a shame you can't make it.
      I'll email you some information.

    2. Well, shoot. I can't find your email on your google+ page.
      Would you mind sending me a message at
      I'll give you a number and some info about the range that way, if you like.