Friday, August 24, 2012

Hi point 995 carbine magazine swapping

I've had some emails about the drum modification for the 995 carbine, and rest assured, I've got some more work done to the project, I have not forgotten about it. I've done a little bit of homework on it, and found that the best example of a working single stack drum in 9mm that had a drastic working angle, such as the Hi Point, was the old Luger drums produced around WWI and WWII. I'm acting on that as I type this.
One thing I have found that may help is the use of Tokarev magazines, if properly modified, as a drum tower. I have a 9mm Chinese Tok pistol, and the mags for it simply have spacers welded in place to take up the excess space when going from the 7.62x25 to the 9mm luger round. More on this as I get to it.

Next thing: I am in need of a test monkey gun, literally. I need a 995 carbine that is shot out, worn out, or just never functioned right, at a decent price (i.e., 100-150 bucks). I have had lots of questions about simply converting the 995 to take Glock mags, etc. and I can say that it is not feasible without drastic modification to the gun itself. That is not to say it is not possible. What I want is to purchase a well-used 995 that the owner has beat the snot out of or just did not like it. Condition doesn't matter. I am going to take this carbine (when I procure one) and modify it to take XD magazines, which are the perfect height and feed angle for the carbine.
I want to get ahold of a carbine that, if I screw the project up, it really doesn't matter, no big loss. I'm sure that by the time I am done implementing the changes I'm thinking that were it returned to MKS, they would take one look at it and melt it back down into a toaster or whatever they started life as before becoming 995 carbines.

The walls of the receiver must be widened and the trigger transfer bar must be remade entirely to compensate for the widened receiver. This will entail machining new sections of steel to attach to the sides of the receiver before the original receiver section, small as it is, can be milled out.

I don't want to sacrifice one of my own perfectly good and operational carbines, only to find that I screwed the job up, I'd rather buy one that has seen it's day and is ready for retirement to the pot metal scrap bin.

With that said, who's got a monkey gun they don't want anymore?


  1. I was just wondering about your progress on this, and -- lo and behold! -- a new post.

    It sounds like your direction has changed considerably since the last update -- you were working on bending your own towers with a fixture at the bottom to which unmodified Suomi mags could be mounted, and it sounded like you had the tower angle issue figured out.

    Obviously you've discovered something that changed your mind about this approach, and it would be interesting you you could let us know more of the details.

    Good luck!


    1. To tell the truth, Farmkid, I got burned out on it and had to look into other projects for a bit, but all the while I have still tinkered with the idea and made some parts here and there.
      I have not posted about the work I have done simply because I don't want to get everyone excited and then let them down.

      The big issue has been getting the mag to the correct angle in relation to the drum. I have not given up on the idea you mentioned, but what I am doing is working with a Suomi drum I have already modified long before I came up with the detachable mag tower. There is no saving it now, and I may as well build myself a working drum assembly from it if I can, and if it works, then I will look into making the removable tower as discussed before. No mind changes, just working with what I have.

      Thanks for checking in, I will update more on this topic shortly, I just had to toss a quick post out while sitting at work earlier.

  2. I was re-reading old material, and thought that I should comment on this:

    "What I want is to purchase a well-used 995 that the owner has beat the snot out of or just did not like it. Condition doesn't matter... I want to get ahold of a carbine that, if I screw the project up, it really doesn't matter, no big loss."

    And there is the problem: with HP's warranty, any beat-up, blown-out 995 is as good as a new one. I should know: My first 995 was a GB wreck, with a broken receiver, half a stock, and LOTS of missing parts. But because the serial number was still legible, HP replaced it. (I had asked to buy parts before buying it as a project gun, but they refused, suggesting that I send it in under warranty, instead.)

    Yes, you may be able to find one, but only from someone who knows nothing about the warranty. Good luck!


  3. My cousin and I are interested in your high capacity magazine ideas. Please, we'd love to hear all your updates! My cousin has the 995 and I have a C9. We bought those to help us consolidate ammo. LOL!

  4. Hi I am more interested in finding a hi-cap mag that I can substitute for the factory 10 round mags, and function well. IE: another companies 15 round mag that will fit and function in a 995. Seeing as the promag 15 round versions are no longer available and void waranty. So do you have a sugestion to wich other brand of mag would work for my purposes? I realise I would have to modify. Thanks in advance for your time and help.

    1. Such a thing does not exist. The only mag that fits these without cutting up the gun is the original hi point or the lousy pro mags.

      There is no other mag on the market.

    2. Have you looked at any 1911 magazines? I saw a user on YouTube that was able to replace the catch on the magazine release to allow 1911 Magazines to be used on the 45 caliber version of the 995TS

  5. Any updates, sir?

    IJP from the PGF

  6. I've been looking at my 4595 with an eye towards modifying it to use the XD45 mags since I bought it.

    Encouraging to see somebody else with the same idea!

    Would love to hear if any progress you make.

    Frosty J.

  7. I have gave this much thought and came up with using Suomi drum with a machined attachment to a hi point mag. Using spent shell casings slit down middle with a short I shaped link to couple and a aluminum cap. I had tried chinese cnc machine cable followers made of abs but they would crush under full load. Still working on a last round BHO device. Enjoy your videos, Thanks.