Friday, August 24, 2012


As I mentioned a couple posts ago, I enjoy listening to the Squirrel Report, as put on by Alan of Snarkybytes, JayG of MaRooned, Weer'd of Weer'dWorld, and Breda of FallacyTrue. A couple weeks ago, Borepatch and Cormac, both attendees to the Dallas Area Blogshoot 1.0, made mention of my homebuilt .50 BMG rifle, and while some of the things mentioned were true, I wanted to call in to the show and clear the air of a couple of misleading things that were said.

1. The extractor was not broken at D.A.B. 1.0, the rifle has no extractor. The bolt head is of the shell-holder type, and each case must be removed by hand. Not the fanciest design, but neither is the rest of the rifle.

2.. The bolt handle did indeed break, and I did indeed replace it with a spare bolt laying around in the bed of my truck. Most expensive production .50 BMG rifles have an extractor cam that literally forces the bolt slightly rearward upon bolt rotation. My rifle does not have this feature, and some of the hotter milsurp ammo actually locks the bolt in very tight, and the only way to get the rifle chamber open is to hammer on the bolt handle with a rubber mallet, (something some of you Mosin Nagant owners may be all too familiar with) and try to remove the round. Well, my bolt handle was not hardened enough, and since it was machined from O1 tool steel, instead of bending, it just broke. It has since been repaired, hardened, and tempered.

3. The gun would not just "go off" at random after pulling the trigger. The AR15 hammer and hammer spring just had a hell of a time setting off those VERY hard milsurp primers, and the hammer had to be reset and fired again, sometimes 2, 3 or even 4 times. This has been addressed and somewhat fixed, though it still takes a couple hits on some ammo. On the podcast, the listeners were lead to believe that upon pulling the trigger, the hammer would drop, and you may or may not get a bang and you just had to wait for it to randomly go off. I wanted to outline that the rifle is indeed very safe to shoot, but it did have some kinks to work out. I had only shot it a couple dozen times before that day, and never under heavy duress.

With that said, I called in last night and cleared up some of that. Unfortunately, I was VERY doped up on Benadryl, since we've had some rain in the area and now all of the stuff I'm allergic to has been kicked up, driving me nuts. The Benadryl definitely didn't help me stay on topic in regards to the .50, and it didn't help as I regaled the listeners of a tale of personal injury from my teenage years. I missed out on finishing the story, such as the reaction from the other parties involved, not to mention the jokes played on me by my friends afterwards. I'll give you a hint, it involves coloring books.
If you're of a mind, go and listen to me incoherently ramble at those poor people.  I come on at about 52 minutes in.
To the guys hosting the show, thanks for having me on, and thanks for your patience while I tried to work through my allergy medicine induced fog. I guess I'll have to sit in on the chat again sometime, or maybe even call in.

As a side note, good gawd do I sound like a hick. Upon playback, I kept expecting to hear the Green Acres song or the theme to Hee Haw playing in the background.


  1. Hey, beats sounding like Pacino in Scarface. They keep asking me to yell "Say hello to my little friend!"

    1. Thanks for stopping by Miguel. Every time I hear you say that on the Squirrel Report, I laugh my ass off.
      Stop back by some time.

  2. Was that what I made it sound like?
    My bad... probably could have explained it a bit better.

    1. Hey, no worries bud.
      I got a couple of emails from guys asking me if it was safe to shoot, after hearing your story.
      It turns out Weer'd or Alan said something like, "So you don't know when it's going to go off, you just have to wait and see?" or something like that, and you agreed.
      I didn't catch it until someone else said something.
      I took no offense, but I figured I'd clear it up.
      Hope you'll make it to the Dallas blogger get-together!

  3. TRE, that last line made me laugh. I, for one, embrace my inner flatland hillbilly.