Monday, August 20, 2012

Random internet awesome.

I occasionally listen to the Squirrel Report, put on by Alan over at Snarkybytes, with a few other hosts.
It seems on episode 21, yours truly got an honorable mention by the world renowned blogger, Borepatch, as well as blogger/commenter, Cormac.
Borepatch apparently thought enough of my homebuilt .50 BMG to give me and my range toy a nice mention on the show. It was very nice of him to say, and I'm glad to have made friends with such a nice guy, not to mention let him shoot the .50 BMG.
I'm sure this is no big deal to some, but it's always nice to hear that kind things have been said about me and my homebuilt guns as well.
Cormac did point out some of the problems we had with the rifle that day, all of which have been fixed since then. He was right in pointing out that while it did have problems that day, everyone that shot it left with a huge smile.

Thankfully, plenty of ammo has been successfully shot through the rifle with no problem since D.A.B v1.0, and I expect it to perform well at D.A.B v2.0

Borepatch, Cormac, thanks for the kind words guys. Hopefully next time you shoulder the .50, it will make it worth your time with fewer headaches.


  1. You deserve the kudos brother. That was some damn fine machining and engineering!

    1. Thanks Six!
      The real kudos is in seeing it still working after it's had a lot of rounds downrange.
      I've had to redesign a few components to work better, but it's running great now.

  2. Right on! I know it feels great when you receive well earned acknowledgement after all of that hard work you put in.

    1. Thanks for stopping by bud.
      It's nice to see some encouragement, yes.

  3. It was a *huge* amount of fun to shoot. Thanks, Redneckengineer!

    1. Borepatch,
      You're welcome!
      Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks again for the nice comments.