Thursday, August 23, 2012

That's pretty Sikh right there!

I was in the Cabelas in Allen yesterday, poking around and finding all kinds of blued steel reasons to go broke, when I noticed something interesting.
I had heard that more of these guys were arming up, and sure enough, it looks like some of the locals are doing exactly that.

Can you guess what this fellow in particular was looking at?
If you guessed a AR15 variant, with a couple of 30 round mags on the other side of the counter, you are correct! You know, those rifles that are only good for spray firing from the hip, and the mags that are only good for killing lots and lots of people, according to all the antis out there?

Maybe the antis should rethink their opinion/s, since it seems that people other than their imagined domestic terrorists like these rifles.

There was more than just this one fellow, a few of his associates were looking at handguns and shotguns.

To the now-armed Sikh community, welcome to free America, we are glad to have you among us.


  1. Replies
    1. Yup, I was pretty happy to see these guys expressing an interest in self defense.
      Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer.

    2. The Sikh community has always been armed with kirpans. Now they are upgrading.

    3. I hadn't considered that. Thanks for commenting and stopping by!

  2. I am disappointed that one of OUR associates neglected to mention this when telling me about his new acquisition from that very place yesterday, unless he was not there at the time. That is so cool.

    1. You can see his elbow in the picture.
      I doubt he attached any importance to the gentleman looking to buy an AR.

  3. Convenience store protection. I am, believe it or not, not being snarky. The election's getting closer and they smell trouble in the air.

    1. Matters not to me what their reasoning is, as long as it is lawful.

      I've read a few articles here and there outlining such things, that the election will likely spell trouble for many people.