Saturday, September 15, 2012

D.A.B. II update, part the two.

For those curious about the blog dinner, it is still on for tonight, courtesy of our host Bob S, at Campo Verde in Arlington. There looks to be a good dozen of us present tonight, perhaps more, maybe a couple less.

The range tomorrow morning is absolutely a GO. We are expecting very light showers in the early morning, but nothing that will keep us from being able to use the range. The ground might be a bit soft, but we can work around that.
The showers are expected to clear the area by 11 AM, so we may spend an hour just showing up, unloading, and setting up. Everyone is of course free to shoot even if it is raining or sprinkling.

We are still meeting up at the Exxon/Sonic at the intersection of I45 and Belt Line Road from 0900 to 1000 tomorrow (Sunday) morning.

Bloggers, readers, commentators, and any one just interested in having a good time at the range is welcome to come.

I hope to see some of my readers at both events.

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  1. Video of you on the M82A1