Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dallas Area Blogshoot pics needed

To those of you who attended and took any video or picture, please send them to me as soon as you get a chance. I would like to do another video compilation if possible.
I don't care how silly, mundane, or short the clips or photos are, I'm just looking for more than what I have (which is a good bit, but I need more than just photos Mrs. Redneck took.) and I know she wasn't the only one taking photos.

A blog post about the get-together is right around the corner. This week hasn't let up since Monday morning, and I just haven't had much time to write on here.
I've also got a uber post dwelling in the back of my head about a topic Borepatch wrote about recently, but it's still simmering.

Anyway, pics and video, or links to Youtube videos are always welcome.

To everyone that attended, thanks for coming along and thanks as always for helping us all have a safe, great time.


  1. You're welcome to use any of the photos and videos I've uploaded (check my site) though I don't have a good way to send you original videos, so if you can rip them off YouTube feel free.

    1. Ok Daniels, will do.
      One of the David's (shortest, stocky David, with glasses) asked if you had the video from him shooting the Barret your brought.
      I knew you were out of town so I didn't want to bug you about it.

    2. I do, but I haven't had a chance to upload it due to the combination of my travels and being limited to glacially slow internet connections.

    3. Daniels,
      Yeah, I saw that on your blog. No worries.
      I'll steal some of your footage off your Youtube channel. When you get back in the area, if you get a chance to upload the rest to Youtube, please let me know. My buddy was practically drooling all over himself about your Barret and the video thereof.
      Thanks again for bringing out the big boy toys.

  2. I really want to see the "Redneck Gunwrastler" video of you, James!

    1. I know not what video you speak of, Cormac.

  3. check your email, sent several videos. I've got a few more but my phone chokes on the size while connected to yahoo.
    I'll try monday when my office email is back up.