Saturday, September 29, 2012

Space Balls DABII the Flamethrower Movie!

Okay, here's the video.
Life has been insanely busy and stacking up fast on me, so much that I finally had to miss out on a few things to compile this.
The original is about 14 minutes long, and I was finally able to cull the whole thing down to around 10 minutes. The original had a lot of footage cut or trimmed, so you can bet that the second version had A LOT removed as well. I have a copy of the original unlisted on Youtube. If you want a link, shoot me a message and I'll give you a link, but it's really not any better than the shorter one.

I wasn't sure how popular the music would be with people besides myself, but if you don't like it, turn the volume down and cross yourself.

Without further ado....

I've enabled comment captchas because I'm tired of spammers commenting on every post about how interesting my blog is and redirecting me to their "blog" about everything from pool cleaners to viagra. If they continue to spam me, I will have to turn full moderation on.

Ignore the music credits. I left Texas Hippie Coalition out of the final cut due to not having as much footage.


  1. James,

    thanks for an awesome wrap up video. That is great. My thanks also to Mrs. TRE -- great work on the video and pictures.

    1. Bob, thanks for the kind words.
      I tried to remove your face from the video but after watching it again, it seems I missed a couple frames. Sorry about that.

    2. Wasn't going to say anything and the "insert gun blogger here" kicked over my giggle box.

      That was a great touch.

      By the way, I plan on doing a blogger lunch/dinner at Campo once they fire up the lights. Stay tuned 'cause you won't want to miss it (of course, people in low earth orbit can't miss Campo once Christmas rolls around)

  2. Great Job James!
    Glad you included the bayonet charge. I missed that at the DAB.
    Thanks again for hosting. Your range is the just the coolest place.