Saturday, October 13, 2012

Random update

Life has come at me pretty hard lately. Nothing is wrong, per se, other than me being too busy to blog, read, comment, or really do much of anything other than school-work and work-work. I haven't gotten very far with any new builds, any time I've had in the garage lately has all been building Suomi parts.

At this time there are no more Suomi kits being taken in. I have decided it is not in my best interest to offer my services except to a select few.
I started doing this to give some people an opportunity to build a parts kit on their own, without having to figure out how they could do all the difficult machining and parts sourcing. After doing the machine work on a couple dozen parts kits, it's time to let it go. I simply haven't the time or patience to deal with it any longer. At the end of the day, I've met some great people that I not only got to do some machine work for, I also made a good friend out of them. Those people will always have my hands and tools available when called upon. There were also those who appreciated my work, paid me a fair amount for it, and then our transaction was complete. They went on to build a completed firearm, and likely were (or will be) met with great success and happiness at the conclusion of their hard work in finishing one of my kits. Then there are the remaining others, who are never satisfied.
To those of you who simply tried to steal my hard work from me, or just didn't feel like your day was complete until you whined at me for taking too long or charging "too much", I will not miss losing the opportunity to help you in the future.

Anyway, with that said, I have an idea for some other projects I hope to take on in the future. A belt-fed rifle, built on AK parts, a miniaturized 1918 Browning Automatic Rifle, and a couple of other parts kits sitting in boxes.
I also have some more work to do on a certain Hi Point drum assembly. Yeah, yeah, I know. Talk's cheap, hurry up and finish that one! I know many of you are itching to see that one completed. I'm actually ready to work on it again.

I have an uberpost of sorts stirring around in the back of my mind that the Borepatch has stirred up. I might have it up soon.

More as I get to it........


  1. To all of the people that feel they were "charged too much"....I guarantee you won't pay less for custom work even at your backwoods gunsmith shop, let alone a trade machinist, so stop complaining. If you didn't like what TRE was offering, you could have just walked on by.

    1. 1. Fast
      2. Cheap
      3. Quality

      Pick two.

      No worries, Eric. Everyone is always looking to save as much money as they can, and I can't blame them for that. It's when it starts to cost me money that I get a bit iffy.

  2. Replies
    1. Six,

      Yup. One in .22lr and one in 5.56, the .22 being a simple blowback using a few 1022 parts and the 5.56 using AR15 parts.
      Why? Because I can. =)

  3. What Eric said about complainers: Thumbs up. You made a great offer, and only ingrates would complain.

    And, speaking of ingrates, I'll try not to be one, but topics of interest for future updates are not only the HP 995 drums, but also the ARs that you were building in .45 ACP and (I think) other calibers. I don't live anywhere within driving distance, so I have to confess that I'm less interested in DABS than your many and extremely interesting machining adventures. Of course, you also need to please your DABS audience, but please remember that you have other fans out here!


    1. FK,

      Yeah, yeah, I know why you're here.
      =) =) =)
      I have actually ordered quite a few more AR lower receiver blanks, because I really don't know which direction the election will go, and I want to have a nice collection before I see any legislation issues.

      The drum project is indeed next, I now have a hydraulic press in my shop courtesy of Eric over at BaconFatLabs. This will be used to bend and shape the magazines for the drum project.
      I will be upfront in saying that while I will be more than happy to build a drum for some once I get it working, I do not know how enthused I am about building them for the general public. Good work takes time, and due to the delicate nature of the sheetmetal work involved with either a drum conversion or a mag tower fabrication, it would be all to easy to get behind and then have a ton of folks upset. I'd rather not do that, but instead just build them for friends from certain forums. Truthfully, I hope I can make something that works so that someone who can cheaply and quickly mass produce them will copy them and make them widely available.
      Time will tell, but I promise I will get them done.

      My blog has taken a bit of a different direction as of late, and I'm trying to steer it back on course, but I'm not sure what it will morph into over time. While I do enjoy building things and keeping a log of it, I also enjoy keeping up with other bloggers local to me. Building is fun, but it's just not as much fun if you can't share it with others.

      With that said, I've got more posting to do, this time about my RPD.

  4. i have just found your blog.. by reading the info on all things the Hi-Point Drum mag .. i wanted to ask do you have any info on other style mags that could be modified to work in a 995 .. it doesnt have to be a 100 rd drum .. somthing in the lines of a 20rd mag.. dont get me wrong a 100 rd drum would be great..its just im on a tight budget disabled and my main weapon is a Hi-Point ,.. thanks for any info..

    1. I don't have a 100 round drum for the Hi Point.

      There are no other single stack mags that will work. The 15 round Pro Mags are junk. I've been working on solving this problem for a while in coming up with a 20 or 30 round mag but I keep getting sidetracked.

      Even if I had any of the above available, it would not be cheap. They would be priced according to the work I had in them, which is a consideralbe amount.

    2. thank you for answering my questions.. i wasnt asking you personelly if you had one .. i just wanted to say thanks again .. as far as price i totaly understand it would be priced accordingly..

    3. You are welcome for the information.

      I mentioned me and my attempts to solve the problem because no one else has. Promag made a 15 round abortion of a magazine, and that is all that has been offered.

      I intend to get one running someday, but haven't yet.

  5. I just wanted to post how TRE has helped me personally. I had been asking a lot of questions concerning a Suomi M31 build over on Weapons Guild. I guess my pleas for help made him take pity on me and offered to fix up my horribly torch cut Suomi. I sent him a box of grinder food, and he returned me just what I needed to get two Suomis up and running. I know if he were to ask me for a favor, I would not hesitate. I hope to see him not only here but on the forum that I know him from. Thanks very much.

    1. I appreciate the kind words, Ron.
      This post is a couple years old, but apparently folks still stop by from time to time.