Saturday, November 24, 2012

Building an AK47.........from a shovel?

Okay, I will admit to earning my moniker a million times over.
I've had plenty of friends give me the hairy eyeball for some of the things I have cobbled together in my lifetime.
Plenty of people looked at me like I was out of my mind when I said I wanted to build a rifle, specifically a .50
When I told Eric at Bacon Fat Labs I was going to make a firing pin out of the shaft from an old shock absorber, he offered to pay for some 4140 round stock out of his pocket.
KX59 still regales me with tales of his own head scratching over my ability to remove a broken, cross threaded screw from the bolt of my .50 in the field using nothing more than my Gerber multi-tool.
I've found uses for duct tape and coat hangers that would make a Khyber Pass native shake his head and walk away.
I've done paint jobs on different things that would make Earl Scheib cry.

In my time on this earth, I've done some pretty insane things, but never, ever, ever, have I looked at a shovel covered in manure and thought to build an AK receiver out of said manure shovel.

Somewhere, Mikhail Kalashnikov is now toasting this man's success with a bottle of vodka and is developing a flinch all at the same time.

I bow to his resourcefulness. I have been one-upped, and I can think of no way to top  that.
The Redneck Engineer is no longer the lowest common denominator when it comes to scrap yard gun building. I now hang my head in shame, and walk away salaaming to the builder's awesomeness.

This man will now live a life of dancing and song while having various women thrown at him, all the while living in Massachusetts.


  1. That is the most awesome thing I've seen in ages. I've heard of the AKs made in Pakistani mud huts with nothing but hammers and files. But I've never seen anything like this...

    1. I will admit to being impressed.
      The best part is that it was very roughly cut, roughly put together, and it ran just fine.

  2. holey crap!
    Lowest common denominator? You may have abdicated the throne but I'd at least classify you as a Prince of the scrap pile.
    Give us a holler come May. We need to rendezvous for the NRA convention.

    1. I'm earning all kinds of new nicknames from this blog.
      First it was theredneckgunwrassler and now its prince of the scrap pile. Love it!

      I'm waiting on Bob to lick his wounds from being deathly ill, but I think he may be joining in the may festivities as well.

  3. I do believe this was the greatest thing I have seen since the machine gun leg in Grindhouse... but unlike that, it's functional!

  4. I have read the story twice now, and I love it. I am from the great white Northeast, and think this is a great example of Yankee ingenuity, even if it was being applied to a commie rifle. I tip my hat to Boris, as well as to our host, theredneckengineer.