Sunday, December 30, 2012

Back in the saddle.

Been under the weather for a few weeks, fighting everything from a sinus infection to a stomach virus to my current head cold. I'm slowly regaining what health I have left.

We had a blog dinner at Campo Verde last week on the 23rd, it was a heck of a good time, and I must say that Bob mis-spoke when he tried to describe the use of lights and color in the place during the holidays. He said it was pretty bright and flashy, moreso than usual for that place.
What he didn't quite cover was the enormity of it. It wasn't just bright and colorful, it was insane. It was to eclectic colors and lights what Charles Manson is to crazy. It was as if someone had taken all the different colorful creatures from Sesame Street and the Muppets, tossed them in a blender, then tossed a power cord in the blender. Up until I went there, I had no idea there was any way to experience color other than by sight.
Word has it that they have to shut down every night by 2200 because of the interference to NASA satellites.

It was a good time, and I enjoyed seeing the folks who attended. There was a lot of talk about political happenings in the gun world, and I think DanielS had a number of cogent points to make as to how unlikely a lot of the rumors are. I hope he is right.

I've been poking along on some new and some old projects, but between being sick and unwinding from the school semester, I just haven't been much of one for blogging.

I've got a couple of posts coming down the pipe, maybe I'll get to them in the next week or so.