Saturday, January 12, 2013

Texas, a good place to be.

I'm a bit late in posting about this, but I wanted to share a link to a fellow blogger's page and a great story I found there.

I don't always agree with everything Texas Fred has to say, but I still enjoy reading him, and I find him to be of like mind on a number of things. While reading his blog last week, I came across this post concerning the Texas Attorney General and his stance on federal level gun control.
Folks, this is a good thing. For far too long has the federal government trampled on the states' rights to self-govern, and it is encouraging to see my Attorney General stand up and say NO MORE!

I don't expect D.C. to respect it or even pay it any attention, but if more states were to stand up to the federal bully and put their foot down, gun control and nationalized health care would be a thing of the past.

Thanks to T.F. for the link.


  1. Sent an email to A.G. Abbott thanking him for his stance. Appreciate the heads up on this.

  2. Dang it, don't tempt me to move. I still have work to do on this house!