Monday, September 16, 2013

A reader's Suomi M31 build.....

A reader sent me pics of his M31 Suomi that he built using the pics, instructions, and drawings found on my site. I also machined his bolt, firing pin, and striker for him a while back.
I thought this was a fine example of a home-built firearm. He spent a lot of time working on the fit and finish. It shows, since the receiver is a sleeved reweld.
According to him, it runs 100% and is smooth as butter.

R.T., two thumbs up from this redneck on your build, and thanks a ton for sharing it.


  1. Envy, envy... envy...
    Let it be damned our mindless laws. :(
    Good job, though.
    So nice gun, so fine finish...

    1. What kind of firearms, if any, can you have?

    2. Handuns - none of them. Exception - only less-lethal "almost firearms" they are limited at 91J of muzzle energy. So, you can imagine it's "effectiveness".

      Shotguns - not shorter than 80cm and with barrel not shorter than 50cm.

      After a 5 year owning of shotgun, and if you have 0 misusing of it - you can apply for a rifle (yes, even if you want to own a .22). The same requirements for its length.
      Every gun is limited to 10 rounds. They have to be registered, and examples of case and a bullet stored in police, and you have to renew your licence each 5 years.
      you can not buy more than 400 rounds per one buy.
      You can not modify your gun, except furniture.
      You can not privately sell it without registration.
      You limited to 5 shotguns, 5 rifles and not more than 2 less-lethal guns.
      And everything is overpriced. Cheapest .22 will cost you 18cent per round. Most of firearms - three times higher price than US. For example - typical AR15 will cost $3-4k. AK47 not only cost around 1k, but is awfully 'civilized', it can not accept standart mags, it have different twist rate for 'ballistic expertise' and several other differences.

      Well, we not a free state at this point.

  2. More to the point, where are you Hyperapor?

    To second his earlier comment, I haz an envy also.
    Very, very nice work.

    1. Considering the love and respect Russian firearms get here in the US and your nations long history of war fighting ruggedness and independence its a shame to see how oppressive things have become. Im not a fan of your government on many many points but I wish you and your people the best.

    2. Thank you for your kind words.
      I'm not a fan of our government either, but it's what we've got until we replace it with something (hopefully) better.

      I'm a big fan of pretty much every com-bloc weapon.

    3. Lol, Im a US citizen my self, that was directed at Hyperprapor specifically but it could easily apply to us from certain outside perspectives. Imo its not enough to support American gun rights if we are to cling to the idea that these rights are "self evident" the discussion should include in part the loss of rights of people around the world and the effects felt by the world at large.

    4. Speaking of our government, I happily now live in a town that requires no registration of any kind and my wife and I are working on getting our CCW permits. I am also embarking on gun building and had the thought that I might like to simply keep my future firearms off the books. As someone who builds firearms what do you think of the idea of home built firearms as actual defensive weapons? Im thinking of something like the Airsoft Glock builds on WG and have been scoping out parts kits on gunbroker like Taurus PTs and the like that one could build the inner receiver for and have a home built with a modern pistol silhouette and functions. Im obviously waffling on the bad publicity that a home built pistol used in a defensive shooting could bring but I don't think there are any legal issues relating to a non registered non serial numbered firearm.

    5. I've never lived in an area that had any kind of registration, so my comments and thoughts are obviously biased.
      I see no problem with carrying a home-built firearm for defensive purposes. Shooting someone/something with a gun you've built versus a gun bought over the counter will usually have the same results. Depending on you location, you might stir up the antis in the media, but who really cares what they think? Even a mediocre lawyer should be able to get the whole thing downplayed in court if it went that far.

      If you build a gun within the confines of the law, there's no reason you couldn't or shouldn't use it, in my opinion.

      Again, I live in small town Texas and self defense is a established right here. Should I build a Glock knockoff and actually have to use it, it's not likely (depending on scenario, of course) that my local LEOs will even bother confiscating the weapon, and if they did, they could care less that it's a frankengun.

      YMMV, etc.

  3. soumi drawings ,...Where do I look ? cus I don't find em hrere.....They're yours but I need them. A guns life is at stake. BB