Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Projects.......we got 'em. NOW WITH MOAR PKM PICS

For those of you who still come through here from time to time looking for.....well, whatever it is you look for, I thought it worthwhile to put up a picture of a recent project that has finally been (mostly) completed.

Say hello to my little friend.

That is a Soviet-era PKT that I built into a PKM copy. It fires the 7.62x54R cartridge. It was originally solenoid fired and pintle mounted, but is now a shoulder-fired rifle.

- I did a reweld on the receiver, and welded in several blocking features to keep it semiauto only.
- The FCG is all AR15 parts with a Wolf power hammer spring.
- The lower receiver that houses the FCG was machined on my CNC mill from 1" thick steel billet, and has a very nice maple grip from www.red1stocks.com.
- Buttstock is original surplus from www.Desertfoxsales.com
- The barrel originally was much longer, larger diameter, and had three holes drilled into it to demill the barrel. I threaded, plugged, and welded two of the holes, then cut about 8" off the barrel before turning it down on the lathe, then fluting it on the mill. It weighs about 60% what it once did, and looks much better, in my opinion.
- Sights are not installed yet, but will be salvaged from an AK rifle.
- Bipod is from an RPD and mounted in original PKM location. I will likely trim the legs down later.
- I am working on a custom-machined muzzle attachment based on the original flash hider.

I will try to put some more pics up later, including some pics taken during the build process.