Sunday, July 26, 2015

Been a while......

So, life has been keeping me busy. Last fall I had surgery on my neck, which slowed down my ability to build stuff, then the spring was killer between work and school. Then there's the lack of interest in blogging most days......

Anyways, I've received a number of emails asking me to update and let everyone know I'm alive.

Well, here you go.

I'm alive.

Other than that.....I've got a bunch of projects in the works, mainly stuff that I had on the back burner. I'll put one of them up here for now.

That is a 80% Suomi M31 receiver I'm working on. The lug section is not satisfactory, but I'm going to fix the CNC code on it.
The tube takes a original diameter bolt and will make use of a blocking bar to prevent builders making an un-taxed machinegun.

Lower side plates are available from The Flat Spot.
The end product will have a template applied for cutting the mag port, the ejection port, the hammer/sear slot, and the rear sight slot. This is pretty much just a threaded tube that you will weld the front lug section, front and rear mag fillers, and side plates on.

It doesn't look like anyone is offering Suomi receivers at this point, so other than machining your own, this will probably be the only game in town.

Price point is sub-$100.00

Another thing I've been doing is playing with the CNC mill a lot more, including adding a 4th (rotary) axis. That makes for all kinds of neat stuff, including the ability to engrave tubes and barrels.

Here's a muzzle brake being machined on the 4th axis that I drew up in ViaCad and processed through BobCad V26.

The finished product.....

Anyway, I'll update some more later when I have another minute or two.