Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blogging. What a weird word.

I'm not much of one for writing. I am blogging simply because I like to have a public archive of different guns I am building. I tend to read other blogs more than I write, and I am usually too busy with my education to write a whole lot.

I am an engineering student, and am considering a degree in Applied Physics as well. I enjoy designing and building things with my own two hands, as opposed to simply going out and buying them. The limitations of that would be things like end mills, drill bits, etc.

I have been collecting and shooting firearms for quite some time, and decided recently to get in the hobby of building them. It only made sense, given my background, and it is something I find relaxing and very rewarding.

I may indeed blog about political items that catch my fancy, but it would be infrequent at best should I actually chose to do so.

Anyway, perhaps there is something on these pages that may help others out, and if nothing else, serve as eye candy for others.

1 comment:

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