Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gunbuilding update

Well, some things just don't always go according to plan. I planned to get a lot of work done on the .50 over the 4th of July weekend, but it just didn't happen. I may have gone in the garage once in the last week, if even that much. I have not lost interest in finishing my rifle, I just haven't had the desire to go into my 120 degree garage and do anything. I have lots of plans on how I will finish things up, but little motivation. These things happen, I suppose.
Anyway, I've still got that Suomi to finish, and it's kinda on my back burner, since finishing it will literally be a minor undertaking.

I've decided that I will be building another rifle next. I have two .308 chambered barrels sitting here, and after going to Hyperprapors site and seeing one of his latest posts about the MDT TAC21, I've decided I like the design enough to integrate a few of it's visual features, such as the hex outer receiver and AR15 components. I will build my own receiver action and bolt, of course, and I have a surprise in plan for the receiver action that should make for an interesting build. I won't divulge much more at this point, but I have a list of things I want to see out of this rifle, such as:
1. Lightweight. I do not want to see an unloaded weight of more than 10 pounds.
2. Integrated suppressor (this is a maybe, I want to be able to suppress the rifle, but whether the suppressor is integral or not is still up in the air.)
3. Ergonomically balanced. One thing I do not like about a lot of bolt action .308 rifles on the market is that many of them do not feel balanced to me. Either the action is too far forward or backward, the barrel too heavy, too short, or too long, etc. This is not a knock against any particular designer, I still love most every factory bolt action .308 out there, but none of them were built specifically for me. That is something I want to concentrate on with this firearm.
4. Mag fed. I won't go too much into detail with this one (a true redneck never reveals his secrets), save to say that I want a detachable box magazine.
5. Dampened barrel. I will have to work within the confines of what I have; the barrels I bought are not top notch, high dollar items guaranteed to shoot minute-of-ant-eye at 1k yards. They are good project barrels, and given their length and diameter, I'm sure they'll be at least minute-of-beer-can at 100 yards. I will probably sleeve them to add a little weight and stiffen them up a little. This can't hurt the accuracy any, and will make them look a little better in my opinion.
6. A coffee cup holder.

Just kidding. I would like to make a mount on it that holds a spare magazine, but that is probably not going to happen.

Anyway, I originally wrote this update 4 days ago and thought I had finished it and posted it, but I apparently didn't. Since then I have gotten the bipod a lot closer to complete, all I really need now are springs. I also got started on my scope mounts and given their simple design they should be done soon.

That's all for now...

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