Saturday, February 18, 2012

More projects coming down the pipe

I won't divulge everything about this one, but I'll toss some pics out here and let everyone guess what is going to happen.
The barrel to the left is a .45 caliber barrel, 16" long. Good for all kinds of interesting stuff.
(Ignore the longer barrel, that's a .30 cal barrel I am going to machine a bull barrel out of for a friends Remington 700 .300 WinMag. )

 Now, these may look a little rough, but familiar.

Those are 0% AR 15 lower and upper receiver forgings. Great for building.........whatever you want to.
This project is a month or so away, but it should prove to be pretty interesting and fairly challenging. The forgings are oversize, so before anything can be done they have to be milled to correct size, then drilled and built into the final project. I will be using an off-the-shelf  FCG, with the standard hammer/disconnector/trigger. I will likely also use a standard C.A.R. stock. Other than that, it's all going to be made by me.

Any guesses as to the finished product?


  1. Well, since you've posted the barrel and the AR parts, and said that everything other than the FCG is custom fab'ed, I'll guess that this is a .45 ACP AR carbine. 'Course it _could_ be a lot of other things if the parts are unrelated. But we look forward to you revealing the mystery.


    1. Actually, you nailed the big part of it, but it will be a fairly unique AR45. I think this one should be just different enough that no other company will have thought of one like it.
      Although it is hard to change up much about the AR design, despite so many other companies nowadays trying to do exactly that :/

  2. OK -- how about a _bullpup_ .45 ACP AR? Of course, I'm grasping at straws here. :)

    1. Hmm.
      I think I need to order another receiver set after thinking about that one.