Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dallas Area Blogshoot II

It seems the BobS is trying to arrange a second Dallas area blogger meet and shoot.

It seems we have options as to different ranges, either Bob's private gun club or mine. (Unless someone else has a better idea.)
There are no range fees at either location, both are easily accessible from the Dallas area.

Bob's range is a very nice range, and has LOTS of amenities in the way of bathrooms, an air conditioned meeting hall, and a place to set up a picnic/lunch for those interested.

My range does not have any of those.

The big difference between the two venues is restrictions. My range has very minimal restrictions (no tracer/incendiary ammo, no shooting rifles at the steel plates on the pistol bays), but hardly any other restrictions.

His venue does have quite a few restrictions, but nothing too ridiculous.

If you are interested in going, please go to his blog and toss in your opinion.

I'm okay with using either venue, but unfortunately many of my range toys won't be making the trip to Bob's range, since they can't be used there.

With that said, who's interested in going?


  1. Correction, I didn't mention it but there is a $5 per person guest fee at my range.

    1. Ah. Glad you mentioned that ahead of time.
      Since you've given me enough advance notice, I'll be sending the bill for my range fees to Obama and Co. so the rest of America can pay for something I should be taking care of myself.

    2. that's funny rat thar. $5 is less than I usually pay for range fees.
      I already commented over at Bob's place. Belle and I are in.

    3. I'll be glad to see y'all again. (No word as to how excited I am to see that Tok rifle again)

    4. Well Natasha will certainly love the attention! I am way excited... this time I will try to only be really sore... without the bruised shoulder! Either way.. it was sure fun earning that bruise!

    5. I'll be sure to pay Natasha plenty of attention this time.
      A shootin' pad on your shoulder will help with the bruising, though I have a funny feeling you're going to use a bruise as a mark of success.

  2. Commented over at Bob's. Dates aren't confirmed as free yet, and Sunday's shoot will have to be an afternoon thing for us, but we've a couple of rifles and handguns (hopefully we can scrape together a couple boxes of ammo for each) to contribute to the average noise level.

    1. RabidAlien,

      Great news if you can make it! We'll be glad to have you there.

      I don't know what time things will wind down, but I'm willing to bet we won't even hit the range until 9:30 or 10, so things will probably still be in full swing when you get there, if y'all are planning on getting there soon after your previous engagements.
      Drop me a line at if you like, so I can get you my cell number. That way you can call when you arrive so I can let you in the gate.
      Hope you and yours can make it!