Sunday, September 9, 2012

D.A.B. 2.0, update

One more week until the infamous (on the internets) Dallas Area Blogshoot, v2.0.

Are your ammo cans ready?

Bob S. has a post up, asking folks to weigh in as to their presence at dinner and at the range. If you haven't already, go weigh in over there and let us know if you'll be attending either, or both.
Looks like it's going to be another fun one, guys.
Our weather has recently taken a turn for the better, I actually went outside for the first time in a long time without sweating up a storm. Let's all hope it holds that way.

There will be a few of us from the last blogshoot, and several new attendees.
If you're interested, drop Bob a note. We would love to have you attend, no matter where you're from, whether you blog, comment, read, or none of the above.

If you can't make the range until after noon on Sunday, drop me an email at (replace the 3's with e's) and I'll get you my cell number so I can let you in the gate.

We are talking about doing this again in the spring, so if you can't make it this time around, watch Bob's blog for more info about DAB III.

 Polish your brass, oil your guns, clean the fuzz outta your hearing protection, and buff the scratches off of your safety glasses, cause we have a lot of shootin' to do.

That's all, folks. See some of you Saturday, and the rest of you on Sunday.


  1. Is the ground clear enough for those bouncing rubber targets?

    1. Absolutely.
      There's probably enough room for a bouncing rubber washing machine target.

    2. I'm wondering more about vegitation. They'd be a lot less fun if they're hiding in tall grass...
      Do they sell that washing machine target on CTD? How about Cabellas?

    3. Oh. My fault.
      Vegetation is absolutely not an issue.

      I have an old dryer and two cans of spray on rubber coating. We can make our own.