Wednesday, April 17, 2013

oh yeah. blog neglect.

I'm still alive.

I got a new job back around the beginning of February, and it was a great move for me. I went from being semi-professional to being in management. I got the company vehicle, decent salary, lots of paid time off, the whole works. It's a great job and I really like what I do, but it's cut into my spare time and has limited what I have time for.

I have several projects sitting here waiting to be made, and several I've worked on and just haven't done any updates over.
I was fortunate enough to have The Scribbler down to my humble abode a few weeks ago, it seems the thought of machining AR15 receivers was just too much for him, and he HAD to do it. Head on over to his site and take a look at his handiwork, and let him know he did a great job for his first time around the block.

He did great in my opinion, and he is now the proud owner of two AR15 pattern rifles he built by himself. When he puts all the parts and pieces on them, he will be able to step back and truly say, "I built this." Not just assembled, mind you, but took-raw-materials-and-made-them-into-something. This is something that he will be able to learn from, improve on, and pass on to others. He is already talking about what to build next, whether a tube gun like a suomi, a 1911, a bull barreled nagant, and the list goes on.
I'm such a bad influence. First Cormac, now Scribbler.
I've also got two other blogger friends who have mentioned wanting to machine themselves a lower receiver, one of whom got two lower forgings mailed to him this week from a certain redneck.  Hopefully these bloggers will follow through and blog about their builds.

I didn't buy myself a gun for BAG day, but I did buy a VZ 61 Skorpion parts kit. It will be a little while before this kit gets built because I'm waiting on the federal paperwork to come back on it so I can SBR it.

There is another Dallas Area Blog Shoot coming up Memorial Day weekend, and I have a few guns I'd like to get built by then. We will see how that goes. Of course the weekend before the blog shoot, there will be another Builders Party at my house for members of the Weapons Guild. Maybe a few projects wjkk see daylight that weekend and get test fired the following weekend.

Anyway, I don't have tons of time for blogging anymore, or building guns for that matter, but I should have some beat stuff up soon enough.

More as I get to it.



  1. Congrats on the new gig!

    Post as you can...we'll all still check for when you do.

    1. Thank you for your kind regards.

      I'm glad my hiatus hasn't cost me any readers, I enjoy interacting with all the gunnies out there I've met through this blog.

  2. Congrats on moving on up in the job world; stinks that work cuts into fun time though but I understand.

    I do need to make some fun time and get over to your place to do some work on that project we have hanging :( -- just between my paying job and my unpaid job; things have been keeping me hopping.

    Thanks also for promoting the Dallas Area Blogshoot III -- it is going to be an incredible day I hope. Been working with one of the Activity Directors at the club to make sure we have some reactive targets out. They will be .22LR only but we should have a falling plate rack or two and a dueling tree. Might have some silhouettes to plink at also.
    Trying to decided if I want to embarrass myself, on that day of all days, by trying to shoot some skeet or trap. You might not be able to bring all your toys but should be able to bring enough ( and share in what everyone else brought) to have fun.

    I'm really getting pysched up for this shoot. Can ya tell?

    1. I have a feeling most of the blog shoot will be shotgun-centric. That's the only ammo readily available.
      I'm looking forward to it, haven't been shooting in a while.

      You do need to come by and work on something. The longer you wait, the........well, the longer you wait, I guess.

    2. TRE,

      I'm working on building an inventory of a few rounds but I agree we will probably have more shotgun activity then the last two. Of course, we didn't have clay throwers at either of those.
      Oh well, it isn't as if everyone thinks I'm a good shot or something.

      I **think** my schedule is settling down -- We'll talk in the soon about schedules and see if anything syncs up.

    3. Bob, it will definitely be a good time, and I promise not to be dead tired this time so I'm a little more sociable.
      We are bringing 3/4 of the brood with us this time. BAR will be well represented.

  3. busy, busy, busy I see. Good on you.
    You coming down for the NRA convention still?

    1. KX,

      No, I had to cancel.
      Mrs. Redneck has had the dubious honor of becoming unemployed shortly after I got my new job.